Lack of Justice and Racial Discrimination Indonesia Occupation of West Papua


By Dr. Socratez S.Yoman  (The President of the Fellowship of Baptist Churches of West Papua)

Since 1963, the Indonesian government have been occupying or colonizing the people of West Papua. West Papua was integrated into Indonesia territorry with at gun point.

Intimidation, terror, kidnapping, assasination, killing, rape, torture, harassment and imprisonment of the Papuans have been going on for more than five dedaces.

The Papuan’s lands have been taken by the Indonesia military forces and it has given to the transmigrants. The transmigrants have been occupying the lands and now they own the lands.

Indonesia military posts have been built and are still being built continually in every corner and all over West Papua. The purposes of the strengthening of the Indonesia military powers in West Papua are to control Papuans, to protect the natural resourches and the migrants in West Papua.

These harassments strongly indicate that injustice and racial discrimination have been going on in West Papua and the Papuan people are being marginalized on their own land. The Papuans are losing their own ancestoral lands. They have became the landless people on their own lands.

Therefore, this situation is a great disaster created by the Indonesian government power in West Papua. The consequence is that these miserable the Papuan people face slow motion genocide. The genocide process which has been going on for 55 years under the Indonesian government occupation in West Papua must be stopped by international humanitarian solidarity mobilizing moral pressure. This is an urgent humanitarian need for justice, peace, equality right, respect human dignity as human being.

Ita Wakhu Purom, Monday 17 Dec 2018;13:10pm

By Dr. Socratez S.Yoman  (The President of the Fellowship of Baptist Churches of West Papua)


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